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Thread: does RLT thicken skin

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    Default does RLT thicken skin

    i remember reading something in an article about this(can't remember where)? does anyone have an opinion on this matter, or maybe a link to an article or study?

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    There are two similar threads on this. I have posted this in the other as well:

    My thickened orange peel skin has disappeared on my cheeks since using RLT. I've even got a bumpy old scar, the size of a quarter, by my eye that is evening out.

    One of the most well known benefits of RLT, and why it is used as a beauty product, is that it evens out skin tone and improves texture (makes it normal, healthy and smooth looking).

    I have never heard of RLT thickening skin -- only healing skin.

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    There are certainly studies linking LLLT to increases in collagen production.

    I am in no posistion to say whether an increase in collagen prompts epidermal growth or simply butresses and strengthens the existing epidermis.

    An interesting question.

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