This is the question I have been thinking about for a long time.

I have been googling and reading numerous articles about the link btw rosacea and digestive problems (low stomach acid and H pyroli bacteria) I purchased Betaine HCl supplement but used it for a short time because I thought I had to stop it since I want to go and have my stomach acid checked. It would give different results if I continued with HCl. So I am gonna have my stomach acid and my digestion tested.

I am very curious about what the test results will be. Many people who are found to have low stomach acids, experienced improvement of their rosacea once they balanced their stomach acid levels. It sounds very reasonable to me that, ones having digestive problems are unlikely to benefit from the supplements they are taking. However, essential fatty acids should be helping with digestion and they are mostly likely to be absorbed through intestines.

I will keep on posting about my condition.