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Thread: Wrinkle cream / Eye cream?

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    Default Wrinkle cream / Eye cream?

    I promise I checked the product reviews first, but I can't seem to find advice on treating the fine lines around my eyes without irritating my rosacea.

    Does anyone have recommendations?


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    Retin A, or acid exfoliators like glycolic are reported to 'soften' crows feet around eyes. Those are NO NO for rosacea.

    Matrixyl and Argireline supposedly can help also but I've seen enough zero result reports from those to be inclined to think those peptides are all hype. The lack of studies in peer reviewd journals doesn't help eithter.

    Vit C acidic form supposedly helps too but is a NO NO for rosace. You could try the new non irritable derivative of vit C since they are not acids and supposedly should do the same job as the acidic form.

    You could try 'non ablative laser skin rejuvenation' or 'laser genesis'. It is a laser protocol using usually a Nd:YAG laser (invisible infrared light) with ultrashort pulses (0.3 ms). It is very mild, doesn't hurt and the results are subtle but cumulative - you will need 3-6 treatments. I havent had it yet, just sharing what I found reseraching it. I think Dr. Darm uses that protocol but with NLite laser (visible green light), you should go see the pics on his site:

    Of course CO2 laser skin resurfacing or plasma skin resurfacing could resolve the problem very well but those are too invasive for my liking.

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    hi boodly- i was just talking to a woman who has rosacea. she was quite nice. she uses repairwear eye cream from clinique. has had rosacea for many years,and she also said no water on the face.wipe off type products. . she looked quite youing around the eyes with no lines.she is in her forties.hope this helps you.........lin

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    just wanted to add she switched around a lot but has used this for about a year.

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