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    Does anyone else get facial flushing and redness in an aire conditioned environment?

    I almost only get flushed at work where they have an air conditioning system. During the summer, the air conditioning broke down and the windows were open; I hardly got flusing at all.

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    I flush when the air conditioning starts up in our vehicle. I have read that we should open the windows for the first little bit because the fumes are toxic. :evil: I wonder if you what are experiencing is along those lines. I'll pay attention next time I run the home system (be a while yet though, we just entered winter).

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    I purchased an air con two summers ago. Only made my flushing worse.

    I think low humidity can be a trigger. Air conditioners dry the air, so maybe adding a humidifier to the mix would solve the problem.

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    Hot aircoinditioners the type you see everywhere worldwide the square ones about 1 metre across on ceilings instantly trigger my skin. In a few minutes my skin gets a tingly itch and I know I will have flaky skin for a day or two. I found the answer is antihistamines. This is crucial as many here have work life affected by SEBDEM. I tried a few anti histamines, many made me sleepy but now my doctor (in korea) has given me an almost non drowsy one that works great.

    Bizarrely only hot air affects me and in the Summer when the same vents kick out cold air its no problem even quite soothing and cooling to my skin.

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