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Thread: To Preflush or not..

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    Default To Preflush or not..

    Hello there,
    Most people I have talked to and read have always advised preflushing before an IPL treatment.. but I have come across this little piece(i;m sure most of you have even read it). What do you think?

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    I read the same posts on that website and freaked myself out, so I asked IowaDavid. This was a quote from that site:

    "Preflushing generally dictates lower fluences and this could be counterproductive in that treatment. Also if a person is already flushing, the newer more powerful laser/IPL devices will handle superficial and deep vessels. Plus every flushing episode of any kind generates more unwanted vessels. "

    This was IowaDavid's response:

    "Okay, first off--the laser targets the oxyhemoglobin in your blood. It makes sense that that the more blood you have for the laser to target, the more effect it will have. The effect of one pre-flush is not going to affect the growth of new vessels. "

    "That other article (was about how IPL might result in decreased blood to the skin)--we have a VERY high density of vasculature in our faces. Far above normal. Dr. Nase (before he went insane), made it clear that IPL takes out defective vasculature, and your face can be served by even 25% of the normal level of capillary density."

    "Permanent damage to the skin is pretty hard to see happening. It may take awhile to heal, but I don't get yourself worked up over that. Especially if you're starting on a lower setting. "

    " I know it's hard not to be anxious, but try not to be. Laser really is the only thing that can treat defective vessels--the vessels that are causing you problems now and will cause you even more problems in the future."

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    I wouldn't worry about that, i flush multiple times a day and my skin hasn't got any worse after a year of that, so i can't see one pre flush doing anything drastic.

    When i'm not flushing my skin is normal so my laser doctor says he needs me to be a little flushed, so the laser has something to target. He doesn't think it matters if i'm pink or bright red though. I've been both before getting treated and my results have stayed pretty steady.

    So my advice would be to get a bit of colour, but if your worried than just don't get too preflushed. So before laser treatments i just have a hot drink and putting the heating on in the car on my drive there, and that gets me pink enough.
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