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Thread: SD and visit with Derm

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    Default SD and visit with Derm

    Thought I'd let people know about an experience I had recently with a Derm w/ over 40 years experience from the Mayo Clinic.

    After visiting 7 derm's in the last 2 years with relatively no results/success, I decided to see "the best." Upon walking in, the derm immediately diagnosed me with SD (on face). He wanted to give me a steriod injection, followed by 2 weeks of steroid creams on my face, followed by Ovace face wash, followed by Elidel.

    Unitl I asked, he didn't mention any side effects of the injection or the steriod creams. I then asked him about the rebound effect of the steriod injection, the skin atrophy and steriod induced rosacea associated with topical steroids, and how I had not had any response to Elidel or Ovace.

    The derm said that it was essential to beat the inflammation down to a minimum and then allow the Elidel and Ovace to act on a "milder" version of SD once the skin calms down (from the injection/topical steroids)-since the two topicals are not intended for severe SD. The derm also said that any derm who prescribed accutane for SD was "crazy."

    Does this treatment make sense to anyone? Needless to say, I passed on the injection and topical steriods. If this is the best treatment that is available for SD sufferers I'd advise people to stop wasting their money on derm visits like I have (thousands of $$$). You can learn alot more from people on this site (and their experiences) than you can from most derms, or so is the case for me.


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    I would say low dose accutane is not something you have to be crazy to prescribe.
    Elidel is not very good for oily skin. Ovace I dont know anything about.
    I do know that a change in diet might help you, like not eating dairy and sugar. Also getting a little sun might help, and avoiding a hot and moist climate.
    Other topicals I know of :
    dermadoctor cool calm and corrected
    pure aloe gel
    syed green tea cream

    I think dermatologists often have outdated information, and they dont know about every possible solution that is out there.

    Stress is a factor as well.

    Best wishes

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    Huh, that's interesting that you posted about the Mayo Clinic as I've wondered if the doctors there would have any better treatment plans than what we usally get. Now I know not to waste my time/money with a trip.

    First of all, any doctor that rules out prescribing Accutane for an inflammatory skin disorder loses all credibilty in my book. That's been the absolute best medicine for my skin and seb derm in particular as it really knocks away the sebum. You have to keep it at low dose though (no greater than 10 mg/day) to avoid making things worse.

    And while injectable steroids certainly play an important role in treating disease, I would try other avenues first due to the skin atrophy and thinning effects you were worried about. Plus, seb derm is not curable so even if you knock it out w/steroids it will come back unless you can maintain it.

    For me, the best treatment next to Accutane for SD have been oral anti-fungals. They are not easy on the liver but I would choose them any day over steroids. Today I'm having good success with garlic and over the counter supplemtents like caprilyc acid and paul d'arco.


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