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Thread: IPL -- Worked Great for me

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    I had 7 IPL treatments back in 2004. The results were mixed.

    Good Things About IPL:
    Reduced my papule and pustule problem. IPL broke the cycle of terrible P&P break outs on my face. I still get a papule on occasion but the heavy breakouts have never happened since I had IPL done in 2004. It's amazing really...IPL actually did the work of accutane!

    Smoothed out my skin. My pores looked 100 times better after the treatments. IPL also removed many "red marks" left over my years of teenage acne and adult P&P from rosacea. Again, another unexpected benefit of IPL.

    Knocked down the redness by 50 percent and flushing about the same amount. I looked much better after the treatments concluded.

    Bad Things About IPL:
    1. The practitioner better know his or her laser skills. There are too many settings and variances with the machinery. The guess work associated with IPL machinery can be vexing for the doctor (or nurse) and patient alike. I had one practitioner who was too concerned about potentianl adverse reactions; she only did a single-pass with the IPL. In retrospect, that was a mistake because a double-or even triple pass-is far more effective at knocking out troublesome facial blood vessels.

    2. IPL is not enough to beat back flushing. In hindsight, I should have had a deeper wavelength YAG laser that could zap the feeder vessels and thus, significantly lessen my flushing bouts. I have heard great anectodal success stories with 1064 nm laser treatments.

    The best combination therapy could be YAG laser treatment followed by IPL or some laser that has smaller wavelengths at higher power. The YAG hits the flushing head on and the small wavelength (515-532 nm) breaks the permanent redness problem thanks to the shallow blood vessels. The Dr. Darm Method has produced more success stories than failures based on patient testimony on the message boards. I will investigate whether doctors on the East Coast can replicate this treatment protocol.

    3. IPL works best when you have complementary medications. Some doctors recommend a strong anti-biotic that has anti-angiogensis properties after IPL treatments. Some rosaceans take anti-hypertensive meds to keep the blood flow at a stable level. Regardless, IPL alone will not be effective enough.

    As a result, my flushing and redness returned with a vegeance after six months. I am back to square one looking for effective ways to beat this thing.

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    Where can I buy Angiostop?

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    Default IPL

    I don't have rosacea, but when I'm suddenly put on the spot I become very red. The weird thing is I'm not even nervous about being put on the spot for any reason other than the fact that I know I will start blushing. When it does happen, my face gets really red and my entire body feels hot.

    Rosacea is a legitimate medical condition, but in my case I think it's all in my head.

    Does anyone know if IPL (or anything else) could help me?


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    Default I'm so scared!

    Hey everyone. I am new to this forum because I just got diagnosed with rosacea although I'm still confused. I had a few broken blood vessels on my cheeks "zapped" with a laser called the Versapulse this May. I think he went overboard to say the least. My face was cherry red for days and now I have tons of hyperpigmentation over areas of matted veins and it continues to get worse. I have flushing every now and then that I never had before the laser was done. I also started having little while pimples on my cheeks. I went to 4 dermatologists and they all want to put me on retin-a which I cant tolerate. It makes my skin really red. Finally, yesterday, I got some Metrogel 1% and started using it last night. I am putting that on 1 cheek and Vitamin K get on the other. I also went to a plastic surgeon as a last resort ( $$$$) and she wants to use the Levulan Kerastick on me with blue light therapy. $460 a pop and wants to do it 3 times! ( I really want the guy who did the versapulse to pay for all of this!) It was also suggested that she use IPL ( Palomar Medulux laser) on my hyperpigmentation, just on 1 spot to test my reaction. Has anyone had any of this done? How about the Laser Genesis? I'm so scared at this stage! My face looks like a roadmap and I feel like I am going to be scarred for life. It has made me a total recluse.
    FYI- I have light olive skin, My mom is from Brazil and my dad is British. My skin hyperpigments very easily and has become very sensitive.
    Thanks for your help in advance. Forums like these are great support!

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    i had my rosacea caused by high doses of accutane during acne treatment. It has been two years and i got diagnosed. My cheeks are the only thing red with small little bumps. I just had my first ipl last week with no results.

    How many ipl would i need to see results on redness?

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    Quote Originally Posted by peterlpkoji69 View Post
    i had my rosacea caused by high doses of accutane during acne treatment. It has been two years and i got diagnosed. My cheeks are the only thing red with small little bumps. I just had my first ipl last week with no results.

    How many ipl would i need to see results on redness?
    Depends on too many factors, but long story short, do not expect great things after one treatment. Just make sure you are positioning yourself for positive results by ensuring you have a good practitioner, an up to date machine, and meds that will improve your chances of a good outcome.

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    Default hey

    its so true people i know think that I'm mental because I'm obsessed in the way i look or looked,i had terrible skin lasers fixed that i was so down on life for so long,

    People dont realize how devastating rosacea can be ,

    But my redness faded and i was feeling fine about my self

    Even therapists i saw couldn't under stand the fact that if i woke up the next morn with a clear face i would be cured, So stop asking about my parents!!! silly therapists,

    v beam worked better for me than ipl.

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    Hi there,

    I have had 8 lumenis one sessions with great success. I originally had them 12 weeks apart and now am going 5 - 6 months apart. this makes it more affordable and results seem to be maintained. It took about 4 sessions to start seeing results.
    dx early 2006.
    current stategy;
    finacea (on occasional spot), 20+ x IPL and 17+ low level PDL (n-light)

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    Default IPL - Worked Great for me

    Hi everyone,
    I'm thinking of doing a laser treatment in the next few weeks. I have a consult appt. this Monday.

    I have severe rosacea on the right side of my face (burning/itching flare ups when flushed and p&p's) and down my neck and flush all over face, neck, chest. Mild acne, and broken capillaries on my nose and cheeks (which is my least concern right now).

    Can anyone tell me what the "down time" is from their experience? I was thinking of doing first treatment on a Thurs or a Friday and returning to work on Monday..


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