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Thread: Extremely dry skin 10 months post IPL

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    Another update for you guys.
    I'm still using putting Borage Oil on my face at night, and am now lathering Paula's Choice Skin Recovery Hydrating Treatment Mask over that. The mask is far more moisturizing than the normal Skin Recovery Moisturizer and is probably the most powerful moisturizing product I've ever put on my face.
    I have also swapped my cleansers. I was previously using RENs Balancing Cleanser for combo skin, but once my skin fell to pieces, that became too drying. I have now swapped to RENs sensitive cleanser which is a lot less drying, but kind of leaves a thin film on my face (I could do with the added protection anyway, but I think it's started to make me break out in mild acne!).

    Overall my skin has calmed down significantly, but is still bothersome and not in as good shape as it was directly after my IPL. A lot of the flakes and tightness have gone (although it still feels taught at certain times). I'm still flushing once or twice a day, which while not THAT bad, is still disappointing for me because just a month ago I was only flushing maybe once a week
    That's the most distressing thing for me at the moment, the fact that my skin was so great just 4 weeks ago!

    I now have to try and work out whether it actually was the IPL that caused this extremely dry skin. I really hope it isn't because IPL has been so beneficial for me in the past. Once my skin has recovered (hoping that it goes back to how it was eventually) I plan on having another IPL just to test whether it was the cause of my problems.
    I want to see Dr Crouch but have been told I may be waiting over 2 months just for a consultation! Then I'll prob have to wait even longer after the patch test so I may not end up being treated until May/June!
    I'm so impatient when it comes to my Rosacea

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    Hi Red_James,
    I'm glad you are doing a bit better at least and hopefully with time you will go back to the way you were directly after your last IPL. I think it is well worth it to wait for Dr Crouch. In the meantime you will give your face even more time to fully recover. Dr Crouch is one of the best laser/IPL doctors!

    Best wishes,

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    Thanks for all your answers and sorry to say thx this late!

    I use CeraVe cleanser and cream, but still try to find those better products. I don't go to IPL treatments anymore and neither go to see a skin doctor. It might be stupid, but it didn't really work out last time.

    Let's hope that this forum can help us all!

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    Default dry skin post ipl and yag laser last may


    Had three ipl and yag laser last one in may of last year to spider veins on cheeks and nose. Caused huge inflammation and dryness and seb derm flair. New derm my third appointment in six months was mid mharch 2011. She says i have two probs seb derm and dry skin due to lack of oil production (which i think is rosacea, one derm said i had it she doesnt really believe in it as she is more into treating skin types) . I asked at my last appointment if ipl could have had a negative impact. She said for my skin which is pale fair light irish skin that ipl can be vary harsh especially at the settings of 28 joules. She said that she would only recommend 10-12 joules.

    Her skin care regieme is hydrocortisone and fungal cream for seb derm and to use a moisturising suncream during the day and bionic cream at night. While skin is slighty better now it may be just down to time and the milder weather. Central heating in winter was a major cause of flair which is not on in work at moment. However i am still concerned that about oil production or if the ipl caused thermage damage and this inflammation damaged the skin barrier.


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