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Thread: great news seborrheic dermatitis

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    Default great news seborrheic dermatitis

    Just wanted to say that I have been rosacea free all summer and started to get a flare. I went to the dermatologist and she prescribed me rosula ns medicated pads in a urea base. They are a sulfametacise medication with no sulfer in a urea base. I now know that my rosacea has been beaten into remission hopefully permanently, but I was experiencing a change of season mild seb derm flare. I thought it was rosacea, but after using the pads for 5 days I am white again with no flushing and the seb derm is gone. They are incredibly gentle and moisturize the face also. If you have seb derm or are not sure I would definately recommend. No irritation at all. Very gentle. I am estatic for one to know that I still have truly beaten rosacea and two to know that I do have a mild seb derm case that can easily be treated in the winter since I do not get the seb derm occasional flare in the summer. good luck all. I kept a journal of everything I have done to beat my mild rosacea down in previous posts, but wanted to help those that have been getting the winter seb derm flare. good luck

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    how much did those pads cost? and anyone know how much a derm visit costs?

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    I think they are fairly expensive.
    However, maybe you could try the Prosacea Gel instead. It is a similar product. And it is OTC.

    Best wishes

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