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Thread: never treatments for redness and flushing

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    Default never treatments for redness and flushing

    it's clear........
    no news of sr-01.
    laser not very efficient
    laboratoriesdon't take care of this disease.

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    so what else is new. :?

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    Yeah, that's pretty much a good summary of our situation.

    Is diet our only option?
    Subtype-1: Cheek and ear flushing
    Currently: IPL

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    Linda Sy's tinted SPF20 sunblock is the only thing that keeps me sane.

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    Hey, you guys should REALLY give cosmetic skin camouflage a try.

    I am not bs'ing you in the slightest, Iv been experimenting with it lately and posting my results over on ESFB. This stuff has huge potential.

    It is totally possible (give you have the skins) to apply camouflage products so that they are inperceivable to others AND reduce the visibility of flushing to a point of normality. That I know for a fact now.

    So while this is the answer to our problem, it certainly softens the blow until something comes out to actually treat our problem.

    I mean, think about what you could do if you didnt have to be paranoid about the way your face looked (regarding redness and flushing)? When I realised that I could cover my flushing effectively, my mind went into overdrive remember all the things that I could begin doing again!

    If you're interested, dont hesitate to contact me. I can help you get started and give you some tips on application and all that gumpf.

    And PLEASE, do not dismiss this line of treatment because its unfamiliar. I did that for too long. And I am NOT the kind of person who would want to leave the house in a morning looking like a circus clown. Infact, the only time Iv evern been accused of wearing make up was when I wasnt, lol!


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    it's very sad to be alone with this disease.......
    laser is very expensive and laboratoriesdon't work on this disease.
    it musn't be difficult to find out a treatment!!!!! but the issue is they don't look for a treatment......
    we must bdo pressure on laboratories in order to prove we need a treatment and we are a lot of rosacea sufferer!!!

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