Hi all

I recently wanted to try Camouflage makeup to see if it would cover my flushing. It took me ages to find a stockist in Melb, i nearly ordered it from the UK. But then found a stockist in Melbourne, so in case this infomation helps anyone else here it is:


John Wurzel & CO. Pty Ltd
1368 North Road
South Oakleigh Victoria 3167
Phone: (61) 03 9562 6662
Fax: (61) 03 9548 9449

If you know what colour and products you want then they will post to anywhere in Australia.

They have makeup artists on staff who tried it out on my skin, finding me the right colour and products and also showed me how to apply it. The actual pot of foundation was only $30! And for once i was able to find a shade light enough for my skin and so far it seems to really cover flushing.

Anyway hope that helps someone else out.