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Thread: LED Choices

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    Thank you phlika29 for referring me to that thread. I will be looking into that a little further. Some things I have read are talking about yellow LED being good for lymphatics...I want to look further into that. I've read so many of the threads on the LLLT and love what I am hearing. I think it's gonna be worth my while to get a red LED unit and try it out long term. I'm also going to take pictures, and I'll put them up on here. I saw a lot of people asking for pictures of results, but no one left any that I could see, and if anyone can understand the embarrassment of rosacea, it should be the members of this site! Thanks again!!

    Dxd at age 21
    Treating with Finacea
    No antibiotics
    Soon to do red LED therapy trial

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    Hi - I like the look of this unit and the fact that it is portable is just what I need!

    I've searched the forums but cannot find any further info. I just wondered if anyone is using it and are they finding it useful?



    Quote Originally Posted by Twickle Purple View Post

    I just got this from Elixa (great customer service):

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    Just to let you know, I've started a survey of 10 questions on the effectiveness of red light therapy here:

    It's quite a bit more comprehensive then the poll on here so see if we can gauge any correlations.

    Will be great if you could participate!

    Will be interesting to see the results.

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for some answers, opinions, something about the Omnilux products vs. Britebox. Which product from Omnilux can be compared with the Britebox revive ?
    I'm almost decided to buy the Britebox, but I've discovered the Omnilux products also. On their site there's not much information about preices and delivery.
    Hoping for some answers!

    Thak you!

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