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Thread: forum update - sorry for disruption

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    Default forum update - sorry for disruption

    I made a few updates to the forum so sorry for any disruptions that were caused. If there are any problems then please post them here.

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    To add to that I have also updated over the last month.

    I updated the search engine to use a completly different Information Retrieval engine (xapian), it does work better than the old search engine but can still time out on complex queries, but just refresh the page if this happens. Also the new posts should work as expected and the status is displayed at the bottom, so you can tell when it stops working for any particular group.

    The new posts script monitors the following groups to keep everyone aware with what is being discussed at all the groups. The RRDi forum is the only exception as it is for members only and not open to the public. weblog
    Rosacea News
    The Rosacea Forum
    Rosacea Blog
    Rosacea Support

    If you have any comments or feedback then please post them here.

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