Does anyone know if there are any Sodium sulfacetamide 10%/sulfur 5% availible in Australia. They treat both seb derm and rosacea which would be great for me.

If not does anyone have any ideas of how to get hold of any of the below from overseas?

"The efficacy of the sulfacetamide 10%/sulfur 5% combination in the treatment of rosacea was first established in the 1950s (30,31). Since then, a plethora of different formulations of sulfacetamide/sulfur have become available, many in the last year alone. The first to be developed were lotions (currently marketed as Nicosyn[TM] and Sulfacet-R[R] tinted and tint-free), followed by topical suspensions and cleansers (Plexion[R], Avar[TM], Rosula[R], Rosanil[TM], Clenia[TM]), creams (Plexion[R] SCT, Clenia[TM], Rosac[R]), and gel formulations (Avar Green[TM], Avar[TM], Rosula[R])."