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Thread: Ingredients to avoid

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    Default Ingredients to avoid

    The "Coping with Rosacea" booklet from the National Rosacea Society says to avoid the following ingredients:

    - Fragrance, Alcohol, Witch Hazel, menthol, peppermint, eucalyptus oil, clove oil

    Is this a reasonably complete list of common ingredients that can irritate rosacea skin? And, if so, is this pretty true for all rosacea-sufferers?

    I thought it varied quite a bit. The 1st two are definitely right for me, and I think menthol bothers me too, but I don't know about the others. And I keep seeing other oils (tea tree, jojoba, etc) mentioned as potentially good for rosacea, so I wonder about the oils explicitly mentioned as bad...


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    I think they are the common irritants. But there are others that each person should try and find out. For instance I fould out that propylene glycol makes me go red if I use it (toleriane dermo)
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    I think it varies from person to person. It also depends on how sensitive your skin is at the time you try a product.

    I've tried Rose Hip Oil, Jojoba Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Hemp Seed Oil and Emu Oil. I like all of these natural oils and would recomend any of them. Even if they are used first and then another cream is put on top. The thing with natural oils is that you don't need very much. Just a few drops into damp hands and applied to a damp face, then left to dry naturally.

    Specifically to the list, I haven't tried Eucalyptus Oil or Clove Oil on my face. I would think that Eucalyptus Oil would be way too strong. I don't know enough about Clove Oil. Frangrance may well be a standard no-no and I wouldn't use witch hazel. Menthol, in a small percetage in a cream may help with p&p. Not sure about peppermint. Not all alcohols are bad though. Some, like Cetearyl Alcohol is used as a thickening agent in some creams and I have no problem with that.

    Hope this helps a little.

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    Default ingredients to avoid

    Yes jojoba oil in linda sy's vita oil has really helped me. squalane and olive, maybe even chamomile or emu oil may work for some as well..

    I found propylene gylcol to irritate me also(also dipropylene glycol in toleriane dermo, polyethylene gylcol in rosacea ltd)

    mineral oil, castor oil, cetyl alcohol, etc.. make me go bright red imemdiately. as do all frgrances.. I could go on and on. the key is find gentle skincare products and sticking with them, less is more!

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    Quote Originally Posted by redhotoz

    Specifically to the list, I haven't tried Eucalyptus Oil or Clove Oil on my face. I would think that Eucalyptus Oil would be way too strong.
    And im using a facewash that contains eucalyptus as one of the main ingriedients. explains a lot

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    If you have sensative skin than the list of ingredients to avoid can be really extensive and I imagine that this is pretty common with rosacea.

    A list of some potentially irritating ingredient includes:

    Topical Antibiotics: Neomycin Sulfonamides

    Topical Antihistamines: Diphenhydramine Ethylenediamine

    Antiseptics: Iodine Mercury

    Emollient: Lanolin

    Emulsifiers: Magnesium, aluminum silicate, Propylene glycol monostearate, Sodium lauryl sulfate, Tween, Span

    Emulsion stabilizers(thickening agents): Carbomer, Cetyl alcohol, Glyceryl monostearate, Methylcellulose, Stearyl alcohol

    Irritants: Benzoyl peroxide

    Keratins: Urea

    Local anesthetics: Benzocaine

    Preservatives: Creosol Parabens

    Sunscreens: Benzophenones, Para-aminobenzoic acid

    This article does a good job of explaining about sensative skin...the hard part is then to find something which doesn't irritate....

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    I change my statement, dipropylene glycol in Toleriane dermo cleanser is very MILD and does not irritate me it seems, propylene glycol does however..

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    There's a good starter list of ingredients to avoid on the Paula's Choice site here:

    We are all different so what irritates one of us may be fine for the next and vice versa. The things on this list that I have tried do irritate me, but so do other things that Paula has not included like mineral oil, petrolatum, propylene glycol, dipropylene glycol (in Toleraine Dermo cleanser), and pentylene glycol...the only glycol I seem to tolerate is butylene.

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