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Thread: anyone living in Auckland, New Zealand?

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    Default anyone living in Auckland, New Zealand?

    Hey everyone!
    Im probably gonna go to New Zealand (Auckland) for a year as an exchange student and I´m wondering how the climate is there for rosaceans. It doesn´t get too cold in the winter right? Is it humid?

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    I'm from Auckland and now living in the UK.

    Compared to London, Auckland's climate is much nicer for Rosacea sufferers.

    The climate tends to be fairly mild year round. It's not as cold in winter, and we don't tend to get the same sweltering heat waves that the Brit's enjoy in July and August.

    DO bear in mind though, that due to the hole in the ozone layer, you get sun burnt much more easily than you would in Europe or UK.

    For some reason Rosacea's more common in NZ. I've been told that this could be due to a signicant number of people with Irish heritage living in NZ

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