I know its difficult for a lot of us to find doctors to treat Rosacea patients on the east coast so I thought I'd post about my recent experience. I finished the condensed protocol with Dr. Darm 6 weeks ago but unfortunately had a very bad post treatment flare that just would not stop. He was, and continues to be very helpful throughout, however he felt that the best way to treat it was another treatment. I couldn't exactly get on another plane for 6 hours or go to Dr. Kevin Smith in Ontario as he suggested. I found out about a medical technician named Kathy Wagner on Long Island (about an hour and a half from New York City) who treats Rosacea with a Cutera Genesis. Several people posted about her on the Yahoo site.I was terrified to use someone who was not an MD but I was in such a terrible state that I decided to take a chance. I called her at 6pm and she agreed to see me that night! She runs a small skin spa out of her house. She made me very comfortable, showed me all her certifications and was willing to give me the names and numbers of other patients as references, and really made me feel comfortable that she knew what she was doing. I figured all these high priced docs have techs do all the work anyway and decided to go ahead.
Well she gave me a treatment ( same as Dr. Darm without the IPL) and the flare stopped immediately.
I have subsequently had a second treatment with her and so far I am very happy.
If anone is interested in additional information or has any questions please feel free to PM me