Dr Margot Whitfeld, Head of Dermatology at St Vincents Hospital is undertaking a research project on Rosacea over the next months (August until the end of the year) in which they aim to identify the pathophysiology of rosacea.

In this project they are proposing that the cause of the disease maybe a bacterial one and thus they are specifically looking at patients that have papulopustular rosacea.

They need to recruit as many patients as possible - the more patients
they recruit the more reliable their study will be. If you live in Sydney please see if you can be involved.

From the original email:
Your help in participating in this study would be priceless - it would only require a short period of time at St Vincents Hospital. We would require you to fill out a few questionnaires which are very simple and then we would take the swabs, so it wouldn't take too long. The hospital is in a convenient location in Darlinghurst and there is good transportation to the hospital.

For those that are interested in participating in the study and living in Sydney, if you could respond to Nishmi Gunasingam (gnishmi@hotmail.com) and register your interest I can then give you more information on the study if required.

See also: Study Poster, SydneyRosaceaStudy.pdf