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Thread: Redness and Ppīs without a reason?

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    Default Redness and Ppīs without a reason?

    Hello u all...I had a rare experience a couple of days ago. I have 2 years with rosacea and my first months with this my skin was very red and with ppīs. When I started to read about the condition I started to follow a diet and to have a discipline with my condition. I have a very mild rosacea, no one can see it but me, but one day when I saw myself in the mirror I found my face very red with a couple of ppīs and l donīt know why If I am doing all things right.

    I was two days drinking a lot of water, using metrogel and eating nothing but veggies and fruits and my face now is 99% clear.

    Is there someone with an experience like this one?

    Cheers from Mexico.
    God Bless!

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    I haven't had that happen but what is the diet you are on that helps you manage it so well?

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    Default Hi supdawg

    Well at the beginning of my rosacea i was so uncontrolled and I found a lot of information in the web and I started to be focus in my diet. Iīm from Mexico, so we donīt have too many options because this condition is not so common. I found the brady barrows diet and I did it for the 30 days but i didnīt see any improvement.

    Then i Found the candidiasis (candida) Diet in the web and I started to follow it. Is hard for me because i am a sugar and carb lover, the first days were so hard.

    My face is so under control, in this 2 years i only visited my derm 2 times, i think less is more in this condition and i am always afraid to put something in my face.

    My diet is so boring, just veggies (except tomatoes), fruits (i canīt tolerate citrics and bananas), chicken (boiled and grilled), fish and thatīs all.

    U can find in the web the candidiasis diet...i hope it helps u too.
    I donīt know whatīs ur favorite way to relax but my parents r christians and i Found a lot of piece in their prayers...

    Take care
    Mary...from mexico
    God Bless!

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