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Thread: Redness and Pp´s without a reason?

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    Default Redness and Pp´s without a reason?

    Hello u all...I had a rare experience a couple of days ago. I have 2 years with rosacea and my first months with this my skin was very red and with pp´s. When I started to read about the condition I started to follow a diet and to have a discipline with my condition. I have a very mild rosacea, no one can see it but me, but one day when I saw myself in the mirror I found my face very red with a couple of pp´s and l don´t know why If I am doing all things right.

    I was two days drinking a lot of water, using metrogel and eating nothing but veggies and fruits and my face now is 99% clear.

    Is there someone with an experience like this one?

    Cheers from Mexico.
    God Bless!

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    I haven't had that happen but what is the diet you are on that helps you manage it so well?

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    Default Hi supdawg

    Well at the beginning of my rosacea i was so uncontrolled and I found a lot of information in the web and I started to be focus in my diet. I´m from Mexico, so we don´t have too many options because this condition is not so common. I found the brady barrows diet and I did it for the 30 days but i didn´t see any improvement.

    Then i Found the candidiasis (candida) Diet in the web and I started to follow it. Is hard for me because i am a sugar and carb lover, the first days were so hard.

    My face is so under control, in this 2 years i only visited my derm 2 times, i think less is more in this condition and i am always afraid to put something in my face.

    My diet is so boring, just veggies (except tomatoes), fruits (i can´t tolerate citrics and bananas), chicken (boiled and grilled), fish and that´s all.

    U can find in the web the candidiasis diet...i hope it helps u too.
    I don´t know what´s ur favorite way to relax but my parents r christians and i Found a lot of piece in their prayers...

    Take care
    Mary...from mexico
    God Bless!

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