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Thread: Will the YAG remove hair?

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    Default Will the YAG remove hair?

    I'm going for a 1064 YAG test patch soon for flushing (not perm redness) and was wondering if it's going to do my beard too.

    I've had about 11-12 Alexandrite sessions now for my beard and they've worked well for a while but the hair always comes back (thinner though).

    Will the YAG do hair as well as the flushing aspect in the same session?


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    Hi Matt,

    The lady who was applying my treatment (Gemini) and I were chatting about this, she said it's a different frequency than the one used for skin treatment. They could probably do treatments back-to-back just not at the same time.

    Twickle Purple

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    Thanks! 8)

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