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    i have had several aura laser treatments that work very well.
    i see that yag lasers have been used by others-what is the difference?
    also , i use the braun softlaser , it takes along time to treat every night...but the results are great.

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    Default action of laser treatment

    I have been recommended for IPL for severe rosacea, as all other treatments, topical, and oral have failed or I have been on them too long. Can someone explain to me exactly what the laser does? Does it actuallu destroy the capillaries and blood vessels? What is the scientific basis of action for how it works to lession redness? I have a health care related degree and am somewhat scientifically oriented. The doctor I was referred to in Boston did not mention test patch and did not explain very well the actual action of the laser to my satisfaction.

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    Posts moved from the Sticky to a new thread, hence time difference (almost a year apart). I don't know the answers. Hope someone else can help.

    Oh, Kona. If you would ike to post your question in the current Q&A to Dr Crouch, that thread can be found here:

    Currently trying: Apr 06 Bee Wilder's Candida (natural healing) Diet; May 06 Home made red LED array; Aug 06 ZZ ointment.

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    IPL (intense pulse light) is not a laser but a strong flash lamp. The spectrum of the lamp is continuous and broad compared to one or several wavelengths of a laser. Because lasers emmit only one (at most a few) wavelengths (colors), they are more targeted than IPL for the problem at hand - you have lasers for blood vessel removal, for collagen stimulation, skin resurfacing etc. Compared to that IPL is more chaotical and probabliy the chances to work are less.

    The idea of destroying blood vessels with IPL or lasers is that blood absorbs strongly certain wavelengths so irradiation with such wavelengths makes the blood vessel coagulate leaving the surrounding tissue intact. The body removes the remnants in the following days.

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