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Thread: Red Lines/blotches on hands

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    Default Red Lines/blotches on hands

    Hi, sometimes out of no where I will get get red lines or small red blotches on my hands that burn a little. They are not really raised, not filled with fluid or anything like that. They seem to appear out of no where, not when my Rosacea flairs or anything like that. They don't burn really bad but enough to know they are there and they usually go away in about a day. Does anyone have any clue on what this is? I am going to ask my Derm on the next visit but its not for about month so I figured I'd post it here first. Thanks

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    I used to get something like that on my hands, little red smooth dots. My doctor said it was lymph nodes inflamation.

    They just appeared one day out of the blue, would last from 30 minutes upto 2 hours, would happen 3-4 times a week. Now out of the blue they stopped appearing, its been months since the appeared again.
    28 year old male from the United States in Minnesota. My self treatment of Rosacea is 10 grams vitamin C, 16 glasses of water, and moisturize with Eucerin everyday.

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