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Thread: And we thought that we had problems!

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    Default And we thought that we had problems!

    Did anyone see that show on channel 5 lastnight? The one about rare and nasty disorders?

    OMG, it had a bit on EB. For those who arent familiar with this, its a skin disorder which results from the absence of a certain enzyme or protein (something like that). Anyway, its terrible, these peoples skin literally rubs off. The stuff that keeps the skin attached to the body is just not there, and even the slightest knock or rub causes the skin to blister and come off.

    There was another one where a woman had suffered a nasty reaction to some standard prescription antibiotics. Essentially, her body was regecting the skin both interally and externally. Within days, the woman was like a peeled prawn, and on the brink of death. Infact, they said that she was the first people to ever survive this reaction. Insanely though, she now has the skin of a young baby (literally). She'll be in her eighties before an significant signs of aging kick in.

    Strange old world we live in ay?

    But however you slice it, seeing stuff like that reminds you just how lucker you are. Rosacea isnt fun, but it isnt the end of the world. We can still function 'relatively' normally. I guess we should be thankful that we dont have anything else wrong with us?


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    Default chan 5

    I did see that to bob bear i did feel sorry for her

    There are many people out there with different problems we just dont hear about it much, least we can talk to each other about it,wondor how many people have that must be ten times harder to cope with(not saying this isnt either)

    We got to keep postivie what else can we do

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