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Thread: is this a sign i have seb derm

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    Default is this a sign i have seb derm

    i have suffered with rosacea/seb derm for over a year now, i have been told it is rosacea by a derm but a doctor thought it was seb derm. After taking anti biotics on and off the tiny little blisters that would appear on dry red skin were still there ( i took antibiotics for 12 weeks at a time) I then tried rozex cream but again afterr 4 weeks or so no improvement. I used daktocort on the patches yesterday morning and evening and this morning, the blisters have all but gone and the redness seems to be clearing, I am experimenting really but do not want to aggrivate any rosacea by using steroids - can any one help, if this was rosacea would the little blisters have gone so quickly? Any help really appreciated.

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    I am not sure. I would recommend a good diet (un processed, omega 3s, little dairy fat, reduce alcohol, smoking etc) Hey, I know this is not always the easiest thing to do. Anyways, as for topicals, I like the dermadoctor Calm cool and corrected and the cutanix DRL on the seb derm. As for acne, I find benzoyl peroxide to be good.

    I would also recommend drinking the juice of a squeezed lemon or a lime a couple to times a day,a dn also to drink pure aloe vera juice. It might just help you. Check out the posts about this.

    Oh, it is always a good idea to find a good dermatologist.

    Best wishes.

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    Hey there Jet

    Yes, if you are willing to try lifestyle change/diet/natural healing, I believe it will most certainly help.

    Buster, I'm not sure if you were suggesting little fat from dairy or little fat in general? Good fat, such as coconut oil (brilliant stuff), extra virgin olive oil and organic butter is good for us - lots of it! None of the low fat fats (not sure what they mean by this! LOL) are good for us, like Canola, man made margarine, vegetable oil etc.

    Jet, I know this sounds very simplistic but I soooo love Rose Hip Oil on my face - 4 drops into damp fingers and applied to a damp face. Allow to dry naturally. It's a natural anti-inflammatory. If you want to add a sun screen or other topical over it you can but I don't need to now since going down the lifestyle/diet/natural healing path. My skin is far less sensitive now.

    Sometimes less is best on the face! Less cleansing less gunk. It works for me anyway. On the weekends I try to avoid putting anything on my face, or cleansing. I believe we can 'wash away' the natural oils on our face which can make the skin work extra hard to compensate. This applies to both oily and dry skin.

    Please don't use steroids. It may and probably will help short term but it is known to thin the skin and make things worse long term.

    Currently trying: Apr 06 Bee Wilder's Candida (natural healing) Diet; May 06 Home made red LED array; Aug 06 ZZ ointment.

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    I meant little dairy fat. But I also meant not too muchh of the other types, too. This might be from person to person, but I find my skin will produce more sebum when I eat more fat, I think the skin barrier in seb derm is injured and this makes the sebum escape out to oxidize and create inflammation, acne etc.

    Normally, the fats you mention are very good.

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    I have seb dermatitis on my face, for which my doctor has prescribe a very mild steroid, hydrocortisone. He said that it would intially help with rosacea, because it is an antinflammatory. Although as others have pointed out it's not a long term soultion.

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