Hi, Brady. I've been reading your book online and have also been working on changing my diet recently. I'm definitely not down to 30 carbs a day, but here's what I'm doing. Gluten-free, no dairy, no sugar, lean meats, fruits, veggies and good oils. Basically, this is supposed to be an anti-inflammatory diet which I thought would be good for rosacea. It's helping, but after four weeks I still need my doxycyline every day to keep my eyes from flaring and keep the p&ps down.

My question for you is, do you keep your carbs to 30 grams daily or have you been able to increase a little? Also, in your book you mentioned before your rosacea diet you were on tetracycline and Metrogel (I believe I got that right). Do you use these meds anymore?

I was hopinig to free myself from the doxycycline, but don't know yet. I may have to try your 30 day, 30 carbs a day diet next to see if diet alone can control the rosacea.

Thanks for all your posts!