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    laser for type 5/6 darker skin?

    I have mild rhynophyma and it is easily cured with fantastic and smooth results in lighter skin types with co2 laser and the like, but I can find no comparable laser result in darker skin due to the...
  2. Hey onelove I've met a handful of people...

    Hey onelove I've met a handful of people interested in this saline coblation method including myself. One of the doctors listed on pubmed that apparently performed the procedure is Dr. Michael...
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    Drinking apple cider vinegar made a big change for me

    I have to say I think drinking braggs apple cider vinegar before sleeping has had the single greatest impact on my rosacea(and overall skin health). Also not eating an hour or two before bed helps I...
  4. An app to help document triggers and skin reaction time?

    Does anyone know of an app(possibly in relation to a different disease)that rosacea sufferers could use to identify food and environment triggers and that would allow us to document the time...
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