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    Looked ok after 7 days...

    After 7 days, it looked better usually. It's gonna be puffy, but I believe that my face is regularly a bit puffier since I first got this disease like 20 years ago.

    2 weeks seems a bit long.
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    Excel V has been a godsend.

    I have subtype 1 and have had it for >20 years.

    Over the years, had IPLs and VBeams fairly regularly and tried to stay out of the sun, little alcohol or drugs, but ate whatever I wanted and it was...
  3. That seems very sudden and aggressive. That gives me a bit of hope that...'s not rosacea.

    As far as my experience has been and with regards to most people who I know with rosacea, that rosacea tends to come on slower.

    Am crossing my fingers for you.

    I would...
  4. Join Us link on irosacea website

    ...goes to "" URL instead of "" URL.

    I also have a question, Brady. Do we ever do any cold calling or events to raise money for rosacea, or specifically for the...
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