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    Hey, thanks for the reply. I'm not so sure, I have researched it and at one point I got tea tree oil but it didn't really help I'd mix it with aloe Vera because it was 100%. I only did that for about...
  2. Update?

    I'm doing what you did. How long did you use the lotrimin ultra??? 3 months? When did you notice less hair loss?
  3. Eyebrow hair loss

    This guy thought its from dht and lymphatic system then completely changed his mind and went ghost. Lol apple cider is **** u must stink all day from it. I have same symptoms but the white paste and...
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    Eyebrow itchiness +flakes, hair loss

    Hi everyone
    I noticed individual eyebrow hairs moving directions about a year ago. Then flakes dot and skin that I could peel off. Few months later it started to itch randomly which happens...
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