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  1. Thanks for the replies! I will keep working on my...

    Thanks for the replies! I will keep working on my food diary and see if I notice any similarities.

    Cutting out dairy is super hard on Keto, so I am kind of experimenting with different forms...
  2. What foods are triggering you the most?

    My rosacea had a horrible flare-up a couple weeks ago, and I never figured out why. Then it just randomly disappeared overnight a few days ago. It is starting to come back this morning.. which I...
  3. What Makeup/Skincare Brands Don't Cause Flare-Ups?

    So I was originally diagnosed with "mild rosacea" about 2 years ago due to a small red patch I would get on my left cheek. I mean it was barely noticeable.

    Then about 6 months ago, suddenly my...
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    Rosacea, Seb Derm, Demodex?


    I found this forum while searching for natural remedies for my rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis, but I kept seeing demodex mentioned, so that has me curious. Is there a way to tell if they...
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