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    Photos of my evening flush (principally nose) :

  2. Afternoon Flushing

    Photos of my evening flush (principally nose) :

  3. Flushing

    My symptoms are identicle . I abused my skin with sun exposure my whole life and I have fair skin. After years of seeing various specialists in N.Y. and Conn. , I decided to get retested for...
  4. Flushing

    Male, in my 30s.

    In a nutshell I have idiopathic facial flushing. Like many, we can't find out why. Of course I have emotional triggers, but also, the flushing can be triggered by NOTHING, just...
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    Good Morning

    I just read your post and have been on Fluconazole (150 Mg/day)for four days. My goal is to decrease my afternoon flush. This drug is not easy to tolerate. My side effects are nausea and upset...
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    Very Soothing

    i've only seen one post about this. apparently oat groat has chitinase and can kill yeasts.
    this is the only post i've seen about oat groat from curezone.. anyone tried this?

    I have tried Oat...
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    I think I am helping my flushing by using Zinc and Selenium. I have been reading about Anatabloc and see that many people are having good results for flushing. Does anyone know how I can purchase...
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    Super Helpful

    Thank you again for your information. I am having some good results after taking zinc and selenium. By chance , would you or anybody know how or where to purchase Anatabloc? I have read very good...
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    So helpful. Keep up the good work. I will try

    Hi all,

    In a nut shell, I've had rosacea for the last thirteen years. I'm 41, and I had it since I was 28. It's just the redness and flushing, and occasional acne. I've read quite a few posts of...
  10. Thank You

    I recently tried full fat plain yogurt. Super soothing. Was not aware of the germs on our fingers but will adjust. Also just tried Botox with a great new Derm in Southbury Ct. Will keep everyone...
  11. Thank You


    Just wanted to post. My husband suffers from Rosecea. We went to the Gastroenterologist to test for SIBO (small intestinal Bacterial overgrowth). Negative. Doc suggested Miralax to clear...
  12. Super Helpful

    Great to hear about you progress. I tried Selsun Blue but found it very harsh on my sensitive skin. Will try head and Shoulders now. I am trying zinc oxide ointment and find it very soothing. Will...
  13. Now What

    I am very discouraged in my fight with this annoying condition. Had a month of little flushing and last night had such an extreme flushing that my windows fogged in my car. I have tried numerous...
  14. Super Helpful

    Dear friends,

    Over the years in my fight to finding a solution and the cause of my Rosacea I have done a plethora of medical analyzes: H. Pilory,
    Candidiasis, Bacteria, Worms and Funghi, Food...
  15. Super Helpful

    I have exactly the same symptoms probably from numerous illnesses early in my life. I got off the beta blockers and it did not help with the cold hands or flushing. I probably need to get on Doxy but...
  16. Thank You

    Hi all. I'm new to the forums but not new to Rosacea. I wanted to take an opportunity to share my experiences in an effort to help others.Very helpful. Will continue to add my two cents. Lucky to...
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    Digestion and Flushing

    I am trying to improve my digestion after years of antibiotic over use by taking probiotics and eliminating any foods I am sensitive to. Has anyone gone this route? I ham having some relief with...
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