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  1. Link between stress and sebaecous hyperplasia? ADVICE PLEASE!

    Hi there everyone in need of some expertise

    Just wondering whether anyone thinks its possible for high levels of stress to cause sebaceous hyperplasia of the nose on otherwise normal skin?

  2. HELP NEEDED PLEASE... Does anything mimick Rhinophyma Im Only 23!

    Hi There need some expertise or input if anyone could help

    Is there anything that could cause the nose to have a few sebaecous type bumps appear over the course of a few weeks on the nosewings?
  3. Hi there and thanks for your reply. If it is...

    Hi there and thanks for your reply. If it is Roseacea then i its a bit of an enigma! If my skin flares it doesnt get that red but rather comes up in an itchy and bumpy rash, The rash can go down in a...
  4. here are some photos


    Today ive noticed that i seem to have slight seb derm in my eyebrows and scalp. Maybe i just have seb derm and not roseacea but i've heard it would be unsual to predominantly on...
  5. Am i a HIGHLY UNUSUAL case of Rosacea? Any help appreciated!

    Hi there

    So i was just wondering whether through everybody's knowledge on this forum whether i could come to a conclusion on having Roseacea

    -- Basically i am 23 year old English male with...
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