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    Same here

    Interesting to see this - I have the same thing and have done for years. Hands especially get cold very easily and start going red and blue. Ears get hot very easily and be burning for 1-2 hours
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    The derm didn't mention either of those, although did say that lasers weren't the way to go for me. I'll look into it. Thanks -apppreciatedsmile:
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    Nose woes - what more can I do?

    I'm a fairly long time sufferer from erythema (forehead, scalp, cheeks, chin) and rhinophyma, as well as seborrheic dermatitis. The one that causes me most trouble, has got continually worse and...
  4. oracea is doxy?

    Thanks for the reply but yeah I do have rosacea - particularly affecting my nose - and I have been taking doxycycline (which is what oracea is isn't it?) for years. And i do use specialist face...
  5. Suggestions for tackling persistent sebhorroeic dermatitis, especially scalp

    Hi, I'm new on the forum and have joined to ask if anyone can help me with my seb derm. I've had it, along with rosacea, for a few years now but over the last few months it's began to affect my whole...
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