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    Dr Chu Retirement

    Hi all,

    I visited Dr Chu for a follow up appointment in London yesterday and he advised that he is unfortunately retiring in December.

    He has confirmed that one of his students will be taking...
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    Dr Sheth PDL Booking

    Hi all,

    I am considering booking with Dr Sheth for some non-bruising PDL treatments however Iím unsure how I can actually make the booking.

    Iíve read on different threads that he works out of...
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    I definitely agree with you - Iíve got one more...

    I definitely agree with you - Iíve got one more session on Monday but have got a consultation elsewhere later on in the week. Judging by the website of the place Iíve got the consultation at they...
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    Hi - thanks for the response Could I ask where...

    Hi - thanks for the response

    Could I ask where youíve visited for Vbeam treatments? Would like to see if itís local and do some research into it.

    Iím happy to try anything but am conscious of...
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    TRIPLC Protocol

    Hi all,

    I have been a patient of Dr Montero who I understood used the same protocol as Dr Crouch during our treatments. I have recently started seeing a new dermatologist closer to home and have...
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    To sell: Redlightman Dual

    Hi all,

    I am selling a redlightman red and amber combo light for anyone interested (

    Unfortunately seems a little bit powerful and causes...
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    Oily Skin Cleanser

    Hi all,

    Could anyone suggest a cleanser that will help to clear oily skin?

    I previously used Zo Obagi Oilacleanse with success but they stopped making this and to be honest I want to move away...
  8. Hi I have been visiting Dr Miguel Montero at...


    I have been visiting Dr Miguel Montero at Discover Laser in Burnley for a number of years and would highly recommend.

    He posts on this forum and was recommended by Dr Crouch prior to his...
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    RejuvaliteMD Experiences? UK Based

    Hi all,

    I am looking to purchase a red light or red/amber light combo for use at home and was looking for some recommendations that can be purchased in the UK.

    I have found the following...
  10. Thread: Oily Skin

    by Ihaveitnow

    Oily Skin

    Hi all

    Suffering from rosacea and very oily skin and not really sure what to do - Cetaphil oily skin cleanser makes me flush and normal one doesn't stop the oil (everything else is too harsh for...
  11. Treatment a fortnight ago - redness and flushing worse!

    I had my first session of IPL and nd:yag two Saturdays ago and for the first week redness and flushing was amazing.

    Unfortunately over the last few days these have become more severe than I ever...
  12. Recommendations for IPL practitioners - South East Area

    After reading of Dr Crouch's retirement I am in search of a new dermatologist for IPL treatment!

    Does anyone have any recommendations for IPL and ND:Yag practitioners in the South East area?...
  13. Dear Dr Crouch, I've been a patient of yours...

    Dear Dr Crouch,

    I've been a patient of yours and found the information given very useful and relaxing regarding the treatment process and outcome. In one of our sessions you mentioned that you...
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    Linda Sy Cosmetics

    Hi all

    After my first consultation with Dr Crouch today he recommended a series of products by Linda Sy as make up - after a quick search online it appears these are no longer available. He did...
  15. Recently diagnosed and prescribed accurate for acne

    Dermotologist recently diagnosed with me with rosacea which I had suspected and also prescribed me with accutane for my acne (don't class my acne as severe anymore) and I am far more concerned about...
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