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    ivermectin tablets

    does anyone know if there are any reliable online pharmacies to buy oral/tablet form of ivermectin? Or is there no such thing, u only get bad reviews on internet of such pharmacies. also if you did...
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    Do u know we're to get skin biopsy in Ireland?

    Any derms I saw in Ireland wouldn't get me a skin biopsy , it's as though they regard it as an insult to their professional opinion. Would like to get one for demodex and if follucits is bacteriall...
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    there is debate over what rosacea actually is,...

    there is debate over what rosacea actually is, the figure of some saying 10% of the population suffering from rosacea is disputed by some deems. i was told by a deem that rosacea is latin for...
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    i dont know if pdl , other lasers or ipl will...

    i dont know if pdl , other lasers or ipl will stop flushing. This is on the basis that if the underlying cause is due to demodex, stomach issues or whatever causes the flushing is not treated then...
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    what about your family

    What about your parents or family whether immediate or uncles or aunts. What type of skin do they have? A doc or derm doing there job will ask these questions as rosacea tends to run in families. Are...
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    had seb derm since a teen and was given protopic...

    had seb derm since a teen and was given protopic which is similar. used it a bit but usaully until about 2008 i was happy to use vaseline for dry skin on face. then started using protopic alot in...
  7. in ireland lots of people have rosacea, not much...

    in ireland lots of people have rosacea, not much sunlight in this country so even if it was a factor is it a signifacant factor
  8. Would you consider getting them lasered? when my...

    Would you consider getting them lasered? when my skin isnt too bad alot of them fade but some are still present. however even if whole face isnt red more can appear now and again and then i wake up...
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    Flushing article

    For different types of flushing google flushing and Cleveland medical they have an article on it which explains differnece in hot flush and dry flush. There are other causes also such as seb derm and...
  10. Please delete previous post as it contains no message.

    Hope you see some improvement. For short term instant results , just to say it again the hydrocortisone cream the derm gave me was good at reducing redness and inflamation. It's affects would last...
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    Yeah, i think i am heading down the same path as you.

    I am now 3 months post IPL and things have not improved, except for the real hot feeling i had. My skin actually feels a little more reactive...
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    Use no products

    I find that skin seems best when I use no products. Maybe it's because of seb derm infection or else demodex mites which I understand can cause skin not to tolerate skin care products.
  13. tried red light brite box, never gave it long...

    tried red light brite box, never gave it long enough may 3 weeks, but didnt really see much help. i think dermadoctor do a cream which mimics the effect of red light but its expensive and dont know...
  14. For me ipl in 2009 just around t zone spread...

    For me ipl in 2009 just around t zone spread redness and caused more veins around this area. had 4 in 2009. before that had mild flushing very rarely and just one or two visible spider veins. then...
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    low stomach acid or high stomach acid????

    I tried the hcl last year and think/thought it may have helped for low stomach acid. That was last year. Last week i started mastic gum for h pylori infection. Not sure i have h pylori or if it is...
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    Gluten free since December, diary free and no...

    Gluten free since December, diary free and no eggs. Also got rifaxamin for IBS . 70 percent improvement. Like previous poster damaged blood vessels still cause some redness. Not sure if improvement...
  17. think studies say high level of mites on rosaceans but doesnt say it causes it

    Dont think studies go as far as saying it causes rosacea. However people who do treat for demodex mites often get relief as far as i can see from this forum and other searches on google. However as...
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    Sorry last post send too early. Don't think one...

    Sorry last post send too early. Don't think one course of fix amin is enough. Skin bit redder today , even before smoking a bit. However redness bit milder than usual. Mark pimenetal has a book on...
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    skin not as good today

    Yes, symptoms could return due to unfavourable bacteria returning in too great a number and/or in the wrong place. It can happen within two weeks.

    One thing you might try is keeping fermentable...
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    80 -90% improvement with rifaximin

    before taking rifaximin think i got some improvement with garlic. started with raw garlic and then for conveinence took garlic tablets. not sure but think raw garlic was more effective. this got me...
  21. Thread: ZZ Cream.

    by dryfairskin

    Did you see a difference in flushing/redness with tea tree oil?

    Just wondering about above, as using tea tree oil for c. 1.5 weeks now so just wanted to compare.


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    any updates?

    convinced doc to give me rifaximin. gave him a study of were people with sibo were put on it for 10 days , 1200 mg per day. So thats the dose he gave me. i found before this eating low carb and...
  23. cream with lycopene in it

    Ft. Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) February 2, 2009

    Gary Weinberger, MD, FACS today announced that Paphos Skincare of Ft Lauderdale, FL has finished formulating and the testing of the only 100%...
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    what works well for some doesnt work for others

    got rosacea in 2009 and had about 5 ipls in 2009 it caused more spider veins and made skin slighty more sensitive. had some pimples in 2009 and very mild flushing if drinking or under stress at work...
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    caffenine is a stimulant

    im not sure where the list of triggers comes from . was reading bradys post about sugar as a trigger and thats not an offical trigger. for me nicotine is prob the biggest trigger and i dont think...
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