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    I find Garlic the best

    I have not longed on for a long time.

    Use to come here every night at my night audit job.

    Between garlic and this great cream a young bohemian lady made I have found much peace.

    She went to...
  2. right on!

    I agree with the above!!!!! Less is more and focus on diet!!!!!!! Great posts!
  3. I have found the steam room and hot tub

    The steam room and hot tub are like my go to things these days.

    Rarely wash face but when I do it's with the squeeze of lemon in a bowl of water approach. Just squeeze lemon in half full bowl of...
  4. Agreed

    Clapping along with you Starlite!

    Garlic, Oil of Oregano .... try these first!
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    I am still using the lemon juice mix

    Yes, I am still using the lemon juice mix and think it has worked better than any cream or rx that I have ever found. It works very well and is so easy to try. I like what you have to say sir and I...
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    this is interesting

    I am fixing to look at these links more closely. I have felt for a while now that probiotics do something for me- something rumbles in the stomach and it seems to make me feel more "complete"

  7. I truly believe

    Going no sugar/low carb will make a big difference.

    However, this means no bread, no fruit basically.... just go 7 days- real strict- no potatoes either... in fact, do what you want, but I know...
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    First off

    I actually think your nose looks normal. IN fact, I know it does. In these pictures it looks fine and I think you should be proud of how you look. Anyways, if you want to help with less oil- I find...
  9. I think you should go past three weeks-man-give...

    I think you should go past three weeks-man-give it a try- if your face is doing bad right now-and you have tried everything else- give it a try man! Go 60 days- you may have a big buildup- give it a...
  10. I can't comment on lasers but...

    I can't comment on lasers but- I will say that recently p&ps were the one thing that were bothering me about my rosacea- they seem to be like little markers of where my face is at.

    I switched up...
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    That's what I was thinking Starlite

    I was thinking along the same lines.
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    Drummond- I have to agree- it gets that heat out!!!! Headed to the hot tub now!
  13. Have you considered going no sugar?

    I am amazed at what it is doing. It takes a few days. Also, man, I believe the hot tub is saving me again as well. Back on a good healthy routine.
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    A few thoughts....

    I still remember this one time I was in the bathroom-fixing to take a walk-when my face just erupted into redness and my neck broke out into hives. I was already in a ****ty mood that day and just...
  15. This video is really interesting

    Good post Starlite! I am looking into this more- real interesting ideas presented here. Makes you think about what is health exactly? Thanks for sharing this....!
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    Major correlation

    I say this because of many reasons. One of the major ones- that takes a bit of self-awareness- is that when you use the bathroom-many times- a strain or release will send a set of shivers or tingling...
  17. Cool Birdie and thanks KTM

    Yes, Birdie, I feel diet plays a major role and I remember reading about the bone broth on here. Very interesting...!

    KTM- you can do it! Go paleo- it can't hurt. As a kid, I ate terrible. Burker...
  18. Ants and KTM

    Thanks Guys.

    And Ants I originally started out thinking I would go for the Candida diet- and I guess the paleo diet does help.

    I do think I possibly had candida issues.

    I don't know. I just...
  19. Good questions Oxford

    Thanks everyone above for the comments.

    To Oxfordrebel: You know, I am always so shocked that others are not turning to the hot tub or steam room/sauna to help ease some of the pressure off- for...
  20. Have you tried paleo?

    I am doing the paleo diet and just made a thread about it- about reversing symptoms.

    I am 100% shocked at how much of a difference it has made.

    Is your stomach flat? Is it bloated? I too took...
  21. Can you reverse damage? Can you turn it around? Let me answer. Please read all.

    I had to say this tonight- because I am shocked at the difference made in two weeks.

    Diet matters to my skin-specifically cutting out sugars and breads-let me explain.

    I had been going along...
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    I would advise you to look at diet

    I have more of the type 2- or at least, I should say, that is currently what I am focusing on trying to prevent.

    I don't think you have to work your way up or into it at all.

    Read about diet.
  23. Hey

    What is your verdict on laser Confusedloner? It has been a while now since I have seen a post from you and I am curious as to how you are doing?

    Would you recommend laser? What do you rate it 1-10...
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    I agree with the above

    I too would start with diet. Currently going over mine and finding it very enlightening. Also, a good controlled sweat does wonder for my skin-especially now that it is getting cold where I am... do...
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    I appreciate that

    I appreciate that. I wrote that this morning at work-pumping myself up. It's been a good day-and also a good night-watching Vanilla Sky now and just have to say how appropriate it is for this thread...
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