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    hows it going?

    Hi Chai,

    I'vr got my first IPL scheduled in 6 weeks, so I am wondering how you are going after starting your treatment?

    Thanks in advance,

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    I just took doxy

    I have a similar sounding type of rosacea with associated blepharitis. Metro cream stopped working and standard blepharitis treatments don't work. I just took 50mg 1 X per day (but cut a little off...
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    Bit of a late response to this, but was just...

    Bit of a late response to this, but was just reading that sweat contains waste products like urea etc, that can irritate the skin. Is the delay possibly because these irritants have not been fully...
  4. How is it going?

    Hi ElaineA I seem to be having similar problems with my eyes affected similarly. Would love to know if your facial and ocular rosacea are still in remission. Will ask the Derm I'm going to see....
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    Face washing

    I thought I had dry skin, so always avoided washing my face and I think all my life I never used soap, only cleansers for sensitive skin. Most of my life I had only type 1 rosacea and didn't need...
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    Hi Peter, bit late....but, yes!
    Cheers, Amber
  7. Pai brand calming moisturiser is the only cream...

    Pai brand calming moisturiser is the only cream that doesn't irritate my face. If they stop making it I will not know what to do.
    Good luck.
  8. Cleanser and moisturiser

    I really struggled to find anything that works, but I eventually found a brand called PAI and I have been using this for some years and the Chamomile and Rosehip calming Day cream, and the Camelia...
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    Wow, I'd love to know if this works. I've started...

    Wow, I'd love to know if this works. I've started to think about how I can put some kind of probiotics on my skin but no idea where to start
  10. stopped washing face

    Ive stopped washing my face except for some avene spring water spray for a few days and then moisturising, I think my face has only got worse and feels awful, burning away. maybe i will go back to...
  11. trying this too

    i've tried not to wash my face with tap water now (was thinking its harsh and here in london very much so) and have used only a very gentle moisturiser which has been great on my skin (Pai brand) and...
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