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    Activated Charcoal for Demodex

    I have flushing/redness type I rosacea, and in the past I also had papulopustular, although that cleared up for a while. After a few years without demodex, I can tell they have returned due to...
  2. Where to buy Salvia Hispanica to treat Demodex?

    If anyone knows where to buy Salvia Hispanica to treat demodex and can post a link, it would be much appreciated. I searched for it on amazon and all that seemed to be coming up was the carrier oil...
  3. Excel V

    I had a treatment with the Excel V by Cutera 6 weeks ago. I am very impressed with the results. I had many V-beam treatments in the past which I was happy with, but effectiveness has seemed to...
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    DC doctor

    Hi sg321,

    I could not figure out how to reply to your visitor message regarding a doctor in the DC area (perhaps this is because I am newly registered on the forum). I have been to Dr. Moses...
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    Treatment for Swelling Associated with Rosacea

    Yes I have experienced odd sensations, pressure, tingling, feeling like something is moving on my face and major swelling, that is worse on the right side of my face. In general, my face swells up...
  6. Propanalol (beta-blocker)

    Propanalol (beta-blocker)
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    Sticky: Definitive Guide To How I Treat My Rosacea

    When I was 26, while studying for exams, drinking lots of caffeine and pulling many all-nighters, my life changed forever. I developed an extremely severe case of rosacea encompassing all 4 subtypes,...
  8. Best Cleanser

    I have struggled with severe rosacea in the past, now moderate. I currently use Toleraine Dermo Cleanser by La Roche Posay and I find it to be very none irritating. I find that products with as few...
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