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    [QUOTE=bvr;166025]This might be an abuse of this forum, but I just want to lament for a second about the amount of money I've spent trying to hone in on the products and treatment that work for me.
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    So very sorry. I know how discouraged you must...

    So very sorry. I know how discouraged you must feel as I have also been scarred seeking various treatments. It sux. Maybe you can minimoze the scarring with those scar therapy gel pads worn at night?...
  3. No!

    Not familiar with VeinGogh. Thanks for headsup - I will research it. No, you cannot combat diffuse redness with electrocautery, my newest doctor says he uses lasers for that. My problem is small...
  4. Electrocautery

    Just had this done. Still in healing stage. Day 3. Mild redness and some remnants of thread-veins remains though nice improvement. So far I am happy not to have all the purpura associated with laser....
  5. Not sure but....

    Idk if Oracea is related to sinusitis, however I do believe rosacea, allergies and sinusitis are linked. They are all an inflammatory disease response. Pseudofed can elevate blood pressure and I...
  6. Re:Sunblock

    Sunblock of no help. Photosensitivity mainly ocular and also facial burning. Not sure it is Oracea related.
  7. Agreed

    Yes yes:, I agree! I wish they used it for face, but needles too big I guess!
  8. Question

    Forgive my ignorance, but is there an effective non pupuric treatment? I know none of the technicalities, other than some time ago, I had some type of YAG non-purpuric treatment. It was very...
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    You need to go to a gastro doctor.
  10. Reply

    I am sincerely most happy that you have found what works for you. I will say that for every tale like your own of one who has been helped by laser there is another of one who has been maimed for...
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    Guessing Game

    The more I talk to people and read, the more I am convinced, the entire field of dermatology is one big guessing game. The derms have not a clue! Even IF they actually listened and gave intelligent...
  12. So sad

    Hi Nat. I can only echo the sentiments of others on the forum. David reached out to me regarding light therapy after I had expressed interest. He seemed such a caring person. Let's be careful out...
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    Sam E is helpful

    What great self awareness you have! I find I suffer especially from seasonal affective disorder depression. I can usually get away with just buying Sam E in the fall. It has helped me too. Seratonin...
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    Yes, as so many point out there is a link between...

    Yes, as so many point out there is a link between diet, gut issues and Rosacea. Congrats on beating your cancer! I also wanted to mention, I have observed that the half life of junk food from mouth...
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    Hey Nat!

    I think this advice is spot on, (no pun intended) but is of course, much easier said than done! Fall weather here, and like a recent FB meme said, my seratonin is falling as fast as the leaves. The...
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    If your routine is working kudos! I am surprised...

    If your routine is working kudos! I am surprised though that you aren't using a sunscreen. I find it an awful lot of layers with moisturizing, metro cream and sunscreen. Because of this do you...
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    I feel your pain! Antiquing a small table...

    I feel your pain! Antiquing a small table outdoors in summer heat has triggered a major flare on this end. Give yourself credit for trying to stay fit and hang in there. Good Luck! Oh and please do...
  18. Yes!

    Yes, what helps one skin disease, may very well be tweaked to help another as all of these diseases appear to have an immunological component present. I agree we all have something to gain there.
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    I wish more people esp. employers and even doctors were aware that many have this issue with those awful lights. As you stated, it can get better. Re: computer I find I can still flare up when...
  20. Florescent Lighting. Woes

    Hi I do not see an answer from Mrsmoof, but will if you don't mind chime in. As my rosacea improved my light sensitivity improved. Neither have totally gone. Most times I can work on an ipad in lieu...
  21. Please try cold green tea compresses and a good...

    Please try cold green tea compresses and a good alkalizer for your stomach like baking soda privided your BP isn't high. Good luck!
  22. Riesling

    I have been told Riesling is made from the thick, concentrated sludge at the bottom of the barrel. Best to pick another wine I think.
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    Don't Count On It!

    So scary that I know so little, yet so much more than some of these docs just from reading here. I would not make bank on a grand revelation.
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    Hi Tom,

    Sorry to hear about the blisters from the IPL. Obviously the settings were too high if it blistered.

    Do you have any scaring from the IPL treatment? Or is the area just pink?

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    I had YAG laser years ago and no clue in my ignorance at the time, of settings, but had immediate fast results and NO purpura (bruising). Now that doc no longer has that equipment and went to IPL...
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