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  2. Thank you I was leaning toward purpura. ...

    Thank you

    I was leaning toward purpura. It seems like if you can afford to take a lot of time off work or you don't mind strutting your stuff while disfigured then purpura is better. How...
  3. Is there any chance V-beam would work well enough to allow drinking alcohol again?

    The burning bothers me more than the redness but I rarely see people addressing the burning. When I talk about the burning in public they generally are not supportive so I'm assuming thats why but...
  4. Thread: Lighting

    by mike81

    Lighting only makes me flush if I can feel the...

    Lighting only makes me flush if I can feel the heat.

    Eating can make me flush. Never my first meal of the day though. It doesnt matter if I stay awake all night and sleep until 5pm the next day I...
  5. If Vbeam reduces redness will it also reduce stinging and burning?

    Hi, from what I've seen on the forum I think my redness might be a little more forgiving than some (or at least happen less frequently) and the pain worse. I'm having a hard time finding an answer...
  6. laser choice - redness, flushing, and seb derm

    Hello, every time I google info about my conditions I always find your forum! Thanks so much for contributing to such a great information source!

    Before I actually take action I was hoping to see...
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