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Could this be Rhinophyma?

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  • Could this be Rhinophyma?

    Im a 26 male. I never had redness or flushing until this year. I was under alot of stress last year which probably brought this on. My face has been red this entire year, with the exception of the past few weeks (Ive been taking alot of supplements and doing other things, and if I can pinpoint what is helping me, I'll let everyone know in future posts), so now my cheeks and nose dont look as red, the cheeks almost look normal again this week and the nose is definately not as red although still very red when compared to the cheeks. I have ruddiness (small tiny bumps all over) which isnt very noticeable this week, only on the nose, but I have no dialated blood vessels or acne(there was about 2 weeks when I did have mild acne, but that was it and it went away), however, late at night, for some reason, my nose feels like its growing. I havent noticed anything on it aside from enlarged pores (which arent noticeable this week), but it does feel like swelling inside. Do you think this is rhinophyma or does anybody else feel this in their nose with just regular rosacea? It only lasts for a few minutes at a time. If it is rhinophyma, I dont understand how I could have it when my rosacea is not that bad and blood vessels have not even become noticeable or dialated yet. Anybody else get this?
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    I would say that this is not rhinophyma or anything close to it. my nose will sometimes feels stuffy when it is flushing


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      Yes I agree. When my nose flushes it can swell as well but I do not believe this is rhinophyma. When you flush blood rushes to the area and it does cause a swelling.

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        I guess this must be rhynophyma month here at the rosacea forum.
        Everyone who believes he or she has rhynophyma needs to take a deep breath and relax a little. Fortunately, for us, Rhynophyma is rare. Not unheard of, not impossible, but true rhynophyma is just not that common. Fortunately for women, it is even less common. The younger you are, the less likely it is as well.
        Do some research on rhinophyma and I think you will realize that none of your symptoms match.


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          Ok thanks for the replies everybody. I appreciate it.


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            Hey, I am in a similar situation.

            I am 30 years old, male and have only had flushing issues since last Spring and facial redness with neuropathic type pain and swelling for the last 2 years that comes and goes.

            Recently, my nose has become sore, almost aching or throbbing at times and a little more red but the redness comes and goes to varying degrees throughout the day.

            I also have that feeling like it is growing as well.

            I can also feel some slight bumps on it and am super paranoid that it is Rhinophyma. But as I understand it, Rhinophyma is the final stage or severe rosacea, right? So I don't know what to think either...moreover, as I understand it - if you have it, there is really nothing you can do to treat it aside from a course of Accutane (which I have already done) and then having C02 to reshape it once it gets really bad.

            I wish there were some images of the initial stages of this so we could understand it better.
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              can rhinophyma cause your nose to hurt?
              i'm paranoid i'm in the early stages, but i'm only in my 20s.

              it always changes shades of red and it constantly hurts. I also get a feeling of pressure and stuffiness in it that comes and goes.

              should i be worried?


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                Although it is important not to panic, if you have symptoms that are troubling you the earlier you are diagnosed and treated the better. Just so you know, rhinophyma generally refers to the late state of phymatous rosacea. I have phymatous rosacea but it is unlikely that it will turn into rhinophyma because of all the things I do to treat it. I would suggest that you go to a derm and have him investigate whether or not it is phymatous rosacea. If it is, you don't have to panic. My uncle, like me, has phymatous rosacea and it was getting into rhinophyma a few years ago. He borrowed my book on rosacea and apparently got treated because he looks great now. Don't worry, phymatous rosacea (if that is what it is) doesn't mean you'll end up with rhinophyma, but it should be investigated by a derm.
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