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Any other females with Rhinophyma?

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  • Any other females with Rhinophyma?

    I'm a 41 year old female who's had Rosacea since adolescence. I've been to several dermatologists and they had initially given me oral meds and metro gel and then that graduated to various additional expensive creams which did not seem to slow or stop the progression. I can't say that my face was that noticeably red, but I'd get little pus filled zits that weren't true zits. Over the past few years though, I've noticed my skin thickening on my cheeks and then my chin. Before that I noticed large pores on my forehead that I couldn't quite clean out. Those are still there and I think that was probably the start of the phymatous rosacea...? Recently I've gotten a couple of stye's, at least what I though we're stye's-and luckily acupuncture has helped those-but I'm now thinking that I have ocular rosacea as well. Then, over the past year, my nose has started to get bumps on them that are not pimples, but like swollen skin. I'm so pissed right now. I hate this rosacea business and am going into the dermatologist Monday to see about laser therapy for the nose. I WILL NOT have a BIG NOSE!!
    Question-has anyone had co2 laser treatment or anything else to get rid of the rhinopehyma and if so, how did it turn out and did the rhinopehyma stay away.
    Also, anyone work with an acupuncturist to address the rosacea and has anyone tried the alkaline diet to see if that helps any?


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    Sorry to hear you are going through this. It is frustrating when nothing (especially from the doctors) helps.

    I tried Metranidazole as well and it did not work, in fact I have an issue with antibiotics, it seems to just make things worse.

    What helped me was rubbing tea tree oil into the effected area, followed by Povidone Iodine and then a zinc oxide cream. I applied it to the affected areas only. It cooled the areas down and also refined my pores really well.

    I found avoiding alcohol and spicy food helped, but it was difficult as I do love Guinness and Jalopenos. Also my love for chilli cheese.

    The topical treatment really did help though.