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LED Light therapy for early Rhinophyma

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  • LED Light therapy for early Rhinophyma

    Can early rhinophyma be threated with LED LIGHT Therapy? What color should be used? I have enlarged sebbacius glands on right side of the nosetip. I don't want them any more.

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    Rhinophyma is a side effect of Rosacea, which is caused by overactivity of the sebaceous, or oily, glands of the nose. Rosacea is characterized by widespread redness and capillaries in the center region of the face, including the forehead, nose, eyelids, cheeks, and chin, and affects. When the oil glands in these locations become overactive, the number of germs in the area increases. As a result, pustules and nodules form, which can lead to the nose becoming larger and distorted. If left untreated, this illness will worsen and finally develop into Rhinophyma.