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laser for type 5/6 darker skin?

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  • laser for type 5/6 darker skin?

    I have mild rhynophyma and it is easily cured with fantastic and smooth results in lighter skin types with co2 laser and the like, but I can find no comparable laser result in darker skin due to the threat of melanin interaction. When the lasers adjust frequency so as not to affect melanin they are not as effective. No doctors are willing to risk hyper/hypo pigmentation. I have seen before and after micro/dermabrasion results and they cannot achieve achieve the same smoothness because the bloodloss hinders precision when sculpting. I've tried fractionated c02 with no positive result.

    Does anyone have any advise as to what modality could possibly be used to achieve the same smooth results that a co2 laser achieves. Coblation therapy would be an option as in another post of mine but i can't find it offered anywhere in the USA or canada
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