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  • Rhinophyma specialist

    Can anyone recommend a dermatologist that specializes in Rhinophyma in the New York area. I have been to a few dermatologists and most say it probably isnt Rhinophema, but they do see come swollen tissue. Also went to an ENT and they see excess cartilage, but also not sure about it being Rhinophyma. I am using Metro cream and on doxycycline two times per day. Was thinking of putting retin-a on my nose as well. I am watching my diet but really need a good specialist.

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    HI Sebbie,

    Did you happen to find a specialist?


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      Hi All,

      Specialists in New England?

      Thank you.


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        Good luck. Yes I'm looking at getting dermabrasion / recell to help with the texture, I'm too afraid of lasers


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          I too have an enlarged nose! I have seen it enlarge over the last three year span. It is crushing to my self esteem. I also have type 1 rosacea (vascular). I have had several opinions about my nose from 3 derms, two plastic surgeons and one plastic surgeon who deals only in rhinoplasty. One plastic surgeon calls what I have Rhinophyma (or beginning stages of what could become Rhinophyma), a derm tells me that I will not ever develop Rhinophyma. My derms and most importantly the nose surgeon (who sees rhinophyma all the time) tells me that I do not have it (mind you that was two years ago). I have to go back and see him again and he may change his mind. How do I know if I have it or not??!! I do not have any of the bumps or pimples, I only have the swollen, painful, enlarged nose. Is this not Rhinophyma or the beginning stages?! I am unclear. I am 52 and now in menopause. I have always felt that I have a bigger nose than I would like but now I just feel that it really jumps out. I am on 40mg doxy twice a day (which has done nothing to help my nose). I find that IPL on my nose only is very helpful with the pain but does not do much to reduce the size.

          I would love to hear what comments or advice you might have on halting the process of this condition if possible. The thought of Rhinophyma paralyses me!

          I really look forward to hearing from you.

          I wish you all the very best.



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            Re: Fear of lasers

            Originally posted by RaymondS View Post
            Good luck. Yes I'm looking at getting dermabrasion / recell to help with the texture, I'm too afraid of lasers
            Hi Raymond:
            Lasers are nothing to be afraid of!

            Take it from me, I've had dozens of them over the years and they have REALLY helped my Type 1 Rosacea with Seb derm (moderate to severe case on cheeks, nose and chin). Mainly cheeks.

            It doesn't hurt much and if you are sensitive to pain, try a numbing cream beforehand! My pain tolerance isn't too high, so I know what I'm talking about!

            I know it's different for girls than guys, knowing the pain we have to endure more!

            Good luck


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              Rhinophyma is a skin condition in which the nose enlarges and becomes reddened, rough, and bulbous. Untreated severe rosacea, a chronic inflammatory skin disorder that causes face redness on the nose and cheeks, is likely to be the reason. In more severe situations, the mass of the tissue is shaved down with a sharp instrument or surgical cautery, and the region is allowed to recover with monitored dressing changes. Skin grafting may be required in some circumstances. Septorhinoplasty (reconstruction of the nose's function) may be used to treat big nasal tip rhinophymas.