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My experience with PPR (PapularPustular Rosacea)

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  • My experience with PPR (PapularPustular Rosacea)

    New to the forum, and this is my first post.

    My initial experience with PPR was in 2012. I had pustules on both cheeks that would not go away. I saw a dermatologist who told me about "critters" in my skin. Said the condition was normal, everyone had them, but for some folks, they get out of balance. She prescribed 60 days of an oral medication (whose name I do not recall). The medication worked, and the rash on both cheeks went away, never to return.

    In 2017 I began to have what I thought was acne on my nose. I had what I thought at the time were zits on my nose. The problem would not go away. I finally saw a dermatologist (same practice, different Dr, as the person who treated me in 2012 had retired). This doctor informed me that what I had in 2012, and what I have now, was Rosacea.

    My treatment today is as follow:
    • Doxycycline 50Mg - once per day
    • Clindamycin - 1% ointment twice a day

    When I take the Doxy the PPR is very well controlled. The issue is that my Dermatologist has informed me that taking Doxy (even at a low dose) is not a long-term solution to this problem, and she does not want to continue to prescribe that medication.

    When I used only the ointment, my PPR is not controlled at all. @10 days after stopping the Doxy, and just using the ointment, I get my first pustule. One week further (18 days after stopping the Doxy) I have multiple pustules all over my nose. It is ugly, and physically painful. I restart the Doxy, and a week later, my nose is back to normal.

    Thanks for bearing with me. Any suggestions to alternatives to the Doxy? Any recommendations?