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Lutein appears to be a miracle cure !!!!

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    Originally posted by Marcello View Post
    Only one per day (10 mg). Let me know how you react to it!
    Hi Marcello, Congratulations on your success! It's so great when we get some relief from this skin condition.

    I'm wondering though - did you start the canola oil when you started the Lutein? I ask because I've noticed that people with rosacea often find some relief when taking certain oils. Borage, flaxseed, evening primrose oil, etc. This has been my case recently. I started taking flaxseed oil in capsule form - several a day - I'd say anywhere from 4-7 1000 mg capsules of Jarrow's brand flaxseed oil. I also have read on this forum and elsewhere that people who take the oil in tablespoon form have done really well - because they're getting more.

    It's made me start wondering if certain oils help our condition because the oil is in a sense moisturizing, soothing and coating our skin from the inside. I cant remember where I read it now - but I read where some skin doctor mentioned that the internal oil you're taking helps plug up our damaged skin barriers - essentially filling the holes.

    What I've noticed is that my skin is lighter and just feels very well moisturized and pillowy - versus that awful dry burny skin feeling.

    It hasn't taken rosacea away - I'm probably not taking much either - but it's helping enough that I'm thinking about buying the liquid kind to take as a tablespoon or two. Also I might try evening primrose oil as well. But I kind of thing it's just the oil itself - granted you wanted a healthy one - but I think it's the format that helps the most.

    Anywho, that's why I asked about the canola oil. I've also tried a similar Lutein supplement and didn't have success with it the way I have with flaxseeed.


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      Reply to hg24

      Yes, I started to take canola oil at the same time in order to increase lutein's absorption (see one of my previous post on this thread), but I was already taking omega 3 supplement before I started the lutein, without any relief.

      I honestly would be very surprised that canola oil is responsible for what is happening to me, apart from the fact that it helps the lutein and zeaxanthin to be absorbed by my body. Given the fact that lutein and zeaxanthin are strong antioxydants, I think that they just block the oxydative process of the free radicals that could be responsible for my rosacea.

      By the way, did you take your lutein with some fat food (like canola oil) at the time? If not, it could explain that it wasn't well absorbed by your body. Moreover, it seems that lutein is more effective when coupled with zeaxanthin. Hope it answers your question.
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        Here is the lutein/zeaxanthin product I'm ta

        Nutrient Information:
        Lutein (Tagetes erecta L, flower) 10 mg
        Zeaxanthin 500 mcg (Tagetes erecta L, flower)
        Grape Seed (30:1) extract 25 mg (Vitis vinifera, seed) equivalent to 750 mg raw herb, standardized to 80% proanthocyanidins
        Ginkgo biloba (55:1) extract 40 mg (Ginkgo biloba, leaf) equivalent to 2,200 mg raw herb
        Bilberry (4:1) extract 25 mg (Vaccinium myrtillus, fruit) equivalent to 100 mg raw herb
        Green Tea 3 mg (Camellia sinensis, leaf) Standardized to 40% polyphenols, 30% total catechins,15% EGCG, 10% caffeine

        You may also take the extra-strenght version:

        Nutrient Information :
        Lutein (Tagetes erecta L., flower) 20 mg
        Zeaxanthin 1,000 mcg
        (Tagetes erecta L., flower)


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          Thanks - this supplement helped my tear glands work after occular rosacea!


          Thank you so very much for posting the original article in this thread!

          4 days ago I started taking a Lutein (10 mg) + Zeaxanthin (2 mg) supplement to help my meibomian glands and eyelids recover from inflammation caused by occular rosacea / blepharitis demodex. There are a number of articles on the web with doctors recommending Lutein+Zeaxanthin+Omega 3 supplements for blepharitis patients to reduce the lid inflammation.

          I had blepharitis demodex / occular rosacea for many years as it was misdiagnosed as "allergic conjunctivitis". Treatment with oral ivermectin and oral metronidazole finally cleared up the demodex infestation. But my lids were still swollen with the meibomian glands not functioning very well.

          Its amazing! My meibomian glands are making the oily tear film much more easily now. And my eyelids feel and look less swollen. My vision seems much sharper as well. Having a working oily tear film really helps the eyes!
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            Reply to ElaineA

            I'm so happy for you Elaine. And your results came out after a very short delay ! I hope that others will report good news too. GLTA


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              Just made a search on lutein and it says that brocoli contains it . That's interesting because brocoli does good to my rosacea, but I linked it with it's anti h. pylori action. Not sure what to think now.


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                Originally posted by babadah View Post
                Just made a search on lutein and it says that brocoli contains it . That's interesting because brocoli does good to my rosacea, but I linked it with it's anti h. pylori action. Not sure what to think now.
                Hi Babadah. I think that kale contains much more lutein than brocoli. As I said, I can't really explain how it works, but I know for sure it works. Try it and report your results on this forum. Bonne chance et merci pour ton commentaire.


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                  Originally posted by Marcello View Post
                  Hi Babadah. I think that kale contains much more lutein than brocoli. As I said, I can't really explain how it works, but I know for sure it works. Try it and report your results on this forum. Bonne chance et merci pour ton commentaire.
                  De rien Thanks to you for your discovery !


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                    Report after 3 weeks

                    Good morning to all,

                    It's been 3 weeks now that I take my lutein/zeaxanthin supplement. I can't claim that the disease is completely gone. I still have some papules and pustules, but they are much fewer and smaller. From my standpoint, this is probably the most effective treatment I ever had for my rosacea. I sincerely hope it works for others. The case being, please report it on this page.

                    Happy Easter to all



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                      I purchased this brand and it arrived two days ago so I am on this band wagon with you and will report my findings in this thread.
                      Brady Barrows
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                        Report after one month

                        It's been a month now that I take lutein/zeaxanthin supplement. Last week, I decided to increase the dosage and now take 20 mg of lutein each day, instead of 10 mg. The results are even better than they were before. Almost no papules and pustules. Only a very few small red spots which usually disappear very quickly.

                        I have noticed that these red spots usually appear when I take alcool. My own conclusion (please note that I'm not a scientist) is that alcool neutralizes, at least in part, the antioxydant effect of the lutein/zeaxanthin. I think that somewhere, free radicals are one of the main cause of rosacea and that lutein/zeaxanthin, which are very strong antioxydants, are just preventing the oxidative damages that are caused to the cells by said free radicals. My explanations may be totally wrong, but I know something for sure: it works and it works very well, at least for me. If you are experiencing the same results as I do, please report it on this page. Good luck to all.

                        Here are some links that helped me to understand what is happening to me:




                        And here is the supplement I'm ta



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                          Thanks for the links. The first paper you link to is an old one that has been dubbed the Antioxidant System Defect Hypothesis which I have now updated with one of the other links in your post. I like the way you think. I am not a scientist either but it is fun to put all these papers/links together. Who knows, maybe you are on to something?

                          I have been taking 40 mg of Lutein (with zeaxanthin) for over a week and the odd thing I have noticed is my eyes are a lot dryer now. I am having to use saline drops more often to moist my eyes. My rosacea seems to be controlled but I am also using the ZZ cream so this isn't a really fair test, but I am not taking the chance because I want my rosacea controlled. I take a handful of vitamins, supplements, minerals and oils 3 times a day. I include the Lutein in the am.
                          Brady Barrows
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                            Thanks Brady. Your link is very interesting and tends to confirm my own thinking. Glad to see that your rosacea is under control. I hope that Lutein/zeaxanthine has something to do with it. Good luck to you.


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                              For me i helps my eyes to recover i use clean them with blephaclean tree time a week and it use to dry my eyes now i find that i don’t need to clean them only once a week and my eyes are no more dry.for my rosacea i still didn’t see a big improvement i still get papules,maybe I need to increase the percentage to 20mg

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                                I also find the idea of treating with antioxidants very appealing.
                                At the moment I take 100mg of minocycline daily (plus topicals soolantra and finacea), and during flares have been increasing my dose of mino to 200mg plus a clarithromycin 250mg.
                                This can't be good for me so I'll cap my mino at 100mg and add in lutein.
                                I purchased Blackmores brand Lutein Defence which is 10mg lutein + zeaxanthin 2mg - planning to take 1 a day.
                                I will report my progress.
                                Just thinking there must be other topical antioxidants we could try ? Green tea extract etc. Has anyone had success with topical antioxidants?
                                By the way thanks for sharing your success Marcello, I really hope this will reduce my flares.