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What I do to "cure" / cause remission for my rosacea

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  • What I do to "cure" / cause remission for my rosacea

    Hi there,

    I'll start from the beginning. I used to get bad acne at one point. I tried lots of different things but eventually turned to Accutane.
    I was on low dose Accutane for 3 years ish if I remember correctly, I believe another user by the name of “Idan” had also used Accutane and ended up with Rosacea.

    After coming off Accutane, I realised I had very dry skin with redness which caused burning and stinging. I also noticed that my eyes were blood shot, particularly my left one. I tried many things but eventually settled on “Cerave lotion”. I used every day by splashing my face with cold or warm water and applying two pumps of it. I did this once daily at night. I also took some extra Cerave and spread it onto my cheeks and nose to let it soak in.

    I did this for many many months and found that the redness and stinging had disappeared, however I was still left with the dry rough skin if I didn’t moisturise.
    After a few more months I started to realise that I was getting these weird papules and pustules on my cheeks, nose, chest and shoulders. These would come and go and more often than not they would appear when I had not moisturised properly. They progressively got worse and took longer and longer to disappear.

    I tried sooooooooo many topicals. Moisturisers, sudocrem, desitin, nappy rash cream, all different plant oils butters. Ghee, yoghurt just water, kefir topicals, topical fish oil, salicylic acid. EVERYTHING. All of which either made my rosacea worse and/or caused me to get acne.
    Coconut oil really helped but after a few days I broke out in acne. The same with jojoba oil. Great at moisturising but gave me acne.

    It was then I realised that when my skin was sufficiently moisturised it was so much better. This I believe is due to a weakened skin barrier either caused by the Accutane or the rosacea.

    I read various threads and decided to try MINERAL OIL. I’m so happy I did. I was afraid of it and thought natural oils were better. However, my skin didn’t think so.

    The routine I use is a "dry oil cleansing method"
    I take a good amount of mineral oil and rub it on my dry face. Not too hard but not too soft. It cleans my skin amazingly whilst at the same time helping my skin barrier and not disrupting it. I then take a towel or kitchen roll and press it firmly on my face. I don’t rub and I don’t remove all the oil. I just remove the excess so I don’t look shiny.

    The method I use actually exfoliates the dead skin in a gentle way and also helps to form a barrier on my skin.
    The results speak for themselves in my case.


    The real magic is taking Vitamin D3 (and also vitamin k2)

    I realised that when I was supplementing with D3 a few months back, that my rosacea improved (but didn’t disappear)
    So I started up again, gradually increasing my dose until my papules and pustules disappeared.

    This, for me, was around 40,000iu of vitamin D. I will decrease the dosage at some point and monitor my results. If my papules and pustules come back, I will up the dosage again.

    I know what you might be thinking "but that’s toxic" "you can’t do that"

    Well I did, and it works. Amazingly well. I have my life back and I feel great.

    I take it every day, and for every 10,000iu of Vitamin D I take one "Super k" tablet. If you do the proper research you will find that vitamin D is fine in large doses as long as you have adequate K2 with it. I won’t go into the details why however if you take the time to read various research papers you will see for yourself.

    Now you may not need to take this amount, you could possibly take 5,000iu for months or years and your rosacea could diminish or disaster.

    There are lots of studies on Vitamin d, but there is a newish one out which actually shows that vitamin d control inflammation very well.
    Again, if you want to take the time to find these studies feel free. I have spent hours if not days and weeks researching and trying different things to heal my condition.

    Another thing I have started doing, which I believe is great for your body, is fasting. I have tried fasting for a few days, the "eight hour diet" and at the moment I am following a "warrior diet" style plan. That is fasting for 20 hours and eating in a 4 hour window. Its working very well for me and my lifestyle and the fasting is PROVEN to help conditions.

    Feel free to google fasting benefits and "autophagy"

    In summary:
    I dry oil cleanse with mineral oil at night.
    I take 40,000 iu of Healthy Origins Vitamin D3 a day (At the moment)
    I take one tablet of Life Extension Super K with Advanced K2 per 10,000iu of Vitamin D (at the moment)
    I follow a Warrior Diet (which encourages fasting)

    I would be happy to answer any questions

    P.S. Please don’t shoot me down or tell me what I am doing is dangerous. It isn’t. If you take the time to read the research on vitamin D with an open mind you will be pleasantly surprised. Vitamin D is actually been used by a few doctors at HIGH DOSES, 70,000iu + to treat MS patients and give them a good life.

    I believe vitamin D helps me due to its effects on reducing inflammation and regulating cathelicidins.
    It could also be due to balancing the high doses of Accutane/vitamin a I have had in my system, or correcting a vitamin d deficiency caused by the Accutane.
    Vitamin A and Accutane can target vitamin d receptors and compete for the same ones. Leading to a deficiency.

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    That's really interesting. Do you have any before/after pictures?


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      Hi I'm sorry I dont! When it got bad I didnt go out of the house for a week and a half because I didnt want anyone to see me. Pictures are the last thing I wanted to take haha!


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        Hi jd2016 thanks for taking the time to share your methods. I was wondering if you could post links to any research that discusses the benefits of high vitamin d rosacea / inflammatory diseases.

        Many thanks


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          When you fast do you still drink water? I am sure you are aware of this page and the symptoms of vitamin d toxicity, which you seem to allude to. I am not shooting you down. What works for you is what this forum is about. However, what works for you may not work for everyone else. That is what we used to call the X-Factor in rosacea.
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            X-Factor in rosacea
            Brady Barrows
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              Hi everyone

              So after my sucsess with vitamin D I did even more research and come accross this:


              Once I read that I did alot more research into the protocol and the doctor in question and decided to give it ago.
              All I can say is AMAZING. I have had a couple of flare ups here or there but my skin moisture level has improved (dont need near as much moisturiser as I used to) my papules and pustules have dissapeered and my fatigue and general well being has improved ten fold. It is important that you stick to the protocol as stated and if you do there really is no downside. I believe that Rosacea IS an autoimmune disease, hence why the protocol works.

              I still use Healthy Origins Vitamin d3 10,000iu but have recenrtly dropped the K2. The reason being is in the article. You can still take it for the health benefits, but if you follow the protcol you wont need to.
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                Thank you jd2016

                Thanks for your post. I have done a lot of research myself regarding the Vit D3 and have read many doctors use this to treat Rosacea. I have not tried it yet but am definitely going to. I recently was tested and am low in Vit D3 which was not a surprise. I have other autoimmune diseases which I have under control with the help of diet and lifestyle. I refuse to give in to the idea I will always look like I do now. The dermatologists I have seen are surprisingly misinformed about Rosacea and have very little treatments to offer besides medications which do more harm. I have been juicing 1/2 the day and cut out all inflamatory foods which has also helped but it not giving my skin enough power to rebuild. When you first started using the oils did your face get worse first?



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                  Azelaic acid it's the bomb

                  I have dealt with this papular form of rosacea for at least five years.
                  Sensitive angry skin.
                  Enter... Azelaic acid. Papules are gone. Redness is going away. This is the magic cure for me.
                  I think I have the DEMODEX mite issue.
                  Opthalmologist tomorrow will tell me if that is the issue in my eyes also.

                  We NEED this ingredient.maybe in more cleansers and treatments.


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                    No DEMODEX mite but eyelid issue is rosacea (do)

                    Saw my Opthalmologist yesterday.
                    I do not have DEMODEX mite causing my issues
                    She prescribed Avenova, which is too $$$ for my budget ($278 with coupon)
                    Avenova is a NEW lid scrub... containing a similar ingredient as
                    Ocusoft HypoChlor 0.02% Hypochlorous Acid Eyelid and Eyelash Spray 2 fl oz ($22 through Amazon)
                    So I have ordered the OCUSOFT and not the Avenova.


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                      Has anyone else had any success with this ? I would be interested to see what the success rate is with people who combine 10000iu vitamin d with vitamin k2.


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                        I take 1000iu daily of vit D3. What the original poster is talking about is mega dosing, which could work.

                        I also recommend taking at least 1000mg of vit C with bioflavanoids if you aren't already.
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                          Is it a really good option take vitamin d and d3?


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                            Originally posted by hart07 View Post
                            Is it a really good option take vitamin d and d3?
                            I take 6,000 IUs of Vitamin D3/day. I do think it has helped me, but I have tried so many different things that I'm not sure what has been the biggest benefit to decreasing my subtype 1 rosacea symptoms. With that said, I have a friend who has subtype 1 rosacea...her skin in the past was very flushed and red most of the time. She too started taking 5.000 IUs of vitamin D3 and her redness and flushing have been diminished greatly within about 6 months. You want to take "D3" because this is the active form of the vitamin.

                            On another note, I recently had my blood level of D3 tested and I was at the higher end of the normal range, so taking this much daily has not put me in a toxic level.

                            Hope this helps!


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                              That sounds promising, how long were you taking 5000iu a day for before you got your levels checked ?