Hi, I got blepharitis before Seb Derm and rosacea.
Optase tree wipes worked for a few months then my skin started reacting.
Heat made things a hundred times worse. So I wipe with warm distilled water
and give a quick run over with Optase wipes.
But since Seb Derm got worse so has Bleph.
I was told I possibly could have demodex as only the tea tree wipes helped.
When I went to the eye hospital and asked the Eye Doc just said 🤷🏼*♀️ Don’t know much about Demodex .
My husband now has blepharitis and heat makes it worse for him.
My question is can you catch demodex?
And my eyelids are now getting deformed and my skin is sore.
In the UK what treatments do the NHS actually do .
And is it just Sheffield Eye hospital that is so backwards.
First eye lady I saw at the eye clinic said Demodex are an old wives tale.
Yet all the high street opticians know about it .