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How long does it take to clear Demodex? Should I keep going?!

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  • How long does it take to clear Demodex? Should I keep going?!

    I have been trying desperately to treat my ocular rosacea for six years. I've been trying Cliradex on and off, this time going on week 7 or 8. I'm still flaring! Should I consider this isn't Demodex? Or is it still to early to tell? I had the worst flare up EVER yesterday and it correlates with my cycle.

    I'm unsure what to do anymore!


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    Hi Faith. In my experience with
    Cliradex based on what you
    Said I think you have treated
    Your eyes long enough with the
    Product and killed off whatever
    Mites you had. Does not mean
    They won't come back but treating
    More with cliradex sounds only
    Aggravating to your eyes. Perhaps
    Reduce the inflammation with a week
    Of naproxen and leave your eyes
    Alone no matter how tempting it is
    To try to resolve it. I have ocular
    Rosacea too and am trying to navigate
    It. I treat my eyes periodically with
    Cliradex or 10% sulphur soap. Periodically
    Meaning after a good 12 months of
    Regular treatment for them so now
    It's maintenance every 8 weeks.
    This is not an exact science. Taking
    Restasis helps too. I'm not able to
    'Express' the meiombian glands with
    Warm water as advised because it just
    Causes more pain and inflammation.
    So what I do is take aleve for 3 or
    4 days in a row after treating for mites
    And it actually helps. It's not a cure
    And yea, not good for your stomach
    --- I take with food--- but heck, can't
    Be picky when relief is needed. I hope
    This helps.


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      Thanks Birdie

      I'm still going to use it but just at night and Ocusoft Plus in the morning. I actually think Ocusoft plus might help more..
      My optho now has me trying testostorone cream as my eye flares correlate with my period but it may take over a month to kick in. I'm at a loss so I'm going to give it some time. I barely have any facial symptoms but for some reason have terrible ocular symptoms.